Fishing & Mushroom

Fishing & Mushroom

Lozère of the mushrooms are sought when information spreads they begin to point the tip of their hats. Cut into thin slices and dried in the sun or cooked gently in a pan with a clove of garlic, they perfume omelettes, meat sauce or relish leave as is.
The fish that inhabit the 2,800 kilometers of rivers, streams and creeks lozériens are mainly salmonids, moreover, all the waters of the department are classified as Category 1 and brown trout is everywhere.

When autumn comes, the trees begin to lose their leaves are covered with gold and purple, the forest offers us a palette of autumnal colors and scents to give free range to pick mushrooms. Known for its wide varieties of mushrooms, Lozere attracts many visitors who come from far away, come join the natives to engage in mushroom picking in the fall, during a stay mushrooms. Indeed, in this region, the mushrooms, the parasol mushrooms, the chanterelle, the mushrooms, the milk caps and other types of tricholome abound.

For fishing Lozère is separate. The beauty of the natural setting, which no one can be indifferent, and the number and diversity of rivers make this department one of the main references French, or even European, fishing in the river. The act of fishing is primarily an intimate relationship between the different elements that make up our environment.

The Naussac Lake or Lake Charpal , we ensure breakages crusts and go so you can enjoy its outdoor activities.

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